Balance Feels Best

As screen time has increased because school is online for many children now, parents must adjust their stance on screen time limits while also continuing to promote device- free time and activities.

Listening Beyond Words

Early on, teaching children the importance of empathic listening is an invaluable life skill that can change human interactions positively.

Health & Wellness Goal Setting in 2022

From our quality of sleep and overall mood, to energy level and complete physical health, daily intentional movement is vital to supporting our whole selves…But how can we as Proud Ninja Parents best support the health and wellness goals of our children in the New Year?

How Parental Involvement Increases Child Success

Parents are an essential element to their child’s success in anything. The enthusiasm and support, or lack thereof, of a parent can make or break a child’s accomplishments. In SKILLZ martial arts, it is even more essential that parents be involved as part of the teaching team since the SKILLZ system applies child development and […]