Age-Specific Curriculum

To alleviate the dissatisfaction in children’s martial arts classes, the SKILLZ program was developed after years of research in the areas of child development, neuroscience, and psychology. The result, a child development course that uses martial arts as a vehicle for teaching.

SKILLZ Based Training vs Technique-Based Training

Most martial arts forms are rooted in tradition and have been taught the same way for years. And while tradition is vital to keeping the art preserved, the way it is taught in today’s modern world isn’t as effective. As times change and as we become more educated, we must adjust to meet the needs of the people we serve. This is especially true when teaching children.

Health & Wellness Goal Setting in 2022

From our quality of sleep and overall mood, to energy level and complete physical health, daily intentional movement is vital to supporting our whole selves…But how can we as Proud Ninja Parents best support the health and wellness goals of our children in the New Year?

Elf SKILLZ #2 – Kindness

Utilizing ‘Elf of the Shelf’ to support child development in positive ways Our second Elf SKILLZ is KINDNESS. Being kind means thinking of others first. To help develop kindness, our Elf SKILLZ challenges today are 1- Be Polite, 2 – Complimenting Others, and 3 – Having Generosity. CHALLENGE 1 – Be Polite Having kindness means […]

Playing With Purpose

Have you ever taken a moment to truly admire the art and incredible beauty of watching a child at play? Their fully engaged spirit, drive, imagination and passion are all completely vested in the mission of the moment. Whether tinkering with their next greatest creations or saving the day as their favorite superhero, children demonstrate freely and without any reservations the power of playing with purpose!

Elf SKILLZ #1 – Manners

Utilizing ‘Elf of the Shelf’ to support child development in positive ways Our first Elf SKILLZ is MANNERS. Having good manners is showing good behavior by being courteous and mindful of others. To help develop good manners, our Elf SKILLZ challenges today are 1- Watch what you say, 2 – Good table manners, and 3 […]

Elf SKILLZ – Introduction

Utilizing ‘Elf of the Shelf’ to support child development in positive ways Many parents enlist Elf on the Shelf to remind our kids that he/she’s keeping tabs on them and letting Santa know if they should be on the ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ list…  However, this concept doesn’t align with theories for child development as it is […]