Accepting Responsibility

Children must be taught how to not blame, but accept responsibility for their actions and feelings in any situation to lead a more productive life.

BRAIN SKILLZ, Part 4 of 4

By stretching our Auditory and Visual Processing centers on the mats, we are giving our students real time examples of how to address, filter and execute missions in the moment within an exciting environment.

BRAIN SKILLZ, Part 3 of 4

Summer fun and carefree, sunny days can have the same Pooh Bear affect on our kiddos! Distractions of play, engagement in special activities, shifts out of a usual routine while all well intentioned can at times contribute to a spirit of forgetfulness in our children.

BRAIN SKILLZ, Part 2 of 4

Just as we adults have our moments of distraction and forgetfulness, so do our kids! This is not a skill we were born with, it was learned. Now as parents, it is our job to equip our little ninjas with tools like the Brain SKILLZ elements: Attention Control and Response Inhibition.

BRAIN SKILLZ, Part 1 of 4

In this 4 part blog series, we’ll break down each of the 8 skills we use on the mats to support whole brain development.

Age-Specific Curriculum

To alleviate the dissatisfaction in children’s martial arts classes, the SKILLZ program was developed after years of research in the areas of child development, neuroscience, and psychology. The result, a child development course that uses martial arts as a vehicle for teaching.

SKILLZ Based Training vs Technique-Based Training

Most martial arts forms are rooted in tradition and have been taught the same way for years. And while tradition is vital to keeping the art preserved, the way it is taught in today’s modern world isn’t as effective. As times change and as we become more educated, we must adjust to meet the needs of the people we serve. This is especially true when teaching children.