Leading By Example

Because parents are the most important role model for their children, it is imparitive to teach children positive ways of living life through modeling.


As technology continues to advance, our lives will become easier but at what cost to our health? We must strive for daily movement.

Whole Brain Intellectual Support

You cannot reason with a hungry bear that just wants his honey! But how can we still support our children in a positive way when they’re in “hungry bear mode?”
Check out the amazing tips author Meg Klettke gives in this blog.

Single-Focused Tasks

With the growing flood of information and technology, distractions are at the forefront of our every step of productivity. And while this is affecting everyone, these distractions are most detrimental to children’s developing brains.

Supporting Big Feelings & Self-Regulation

How can we as parents support our children when they are experiencing deep, emotional responses? Further, how do we as Instructors at SWAT help children grow in their ability to self-regulate when moments test them most?

BRAIN SKILLZ, Part 4 of 4

By stretching our Auditory and Visual Processing centers on the mats, we are giving our students real time examples of how to address, filter and execute missions in the moment within an exciting environment.

BRAIN SKILLZ, Part 3 of 4

Summer fun and carefree, sunny days can have the same Pooh Bear affect on our kiddos! Distractions of play, engagement in special activities, shifts out of a usual routine while all well intentioned can at times contribute to a spirit of forgetfulness in our children.

BRAIN SKILLZ, Part 2 of 4

Just as we adults have our moments of distraction and forgetfulness, so do our kids! This is not a skill we were born with, it was learned. Now as parents, it is our job to equip our little ninjas with tools like the Brain SKILLZ elements: Attention Control and Response Inhibition.

BRAIN SKILLZ, Part 1 of 4

In this 4 part blog series, we’ll break down each of the 8 skills we use on the mats to support whole brain development.

School Readiness

Most parents and children are not even thinking about the back to school countdown. But, teachers, administrators, and students will once again be filling the halls and back to classes in just a few weeks. To prepare for this, it’s crucial that parents implement strategies now to give their children a jump start before heading back to school.

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